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Part No: WPA9001X

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Contents: 1 pair front wheel arches, 1 pair rear wheel arches, 4 metres of rubber beading (no other fittings are provided) Firstly you will need to identify which arches are front and which are rear. The pair of arches that come to a point at one end are the front arches. The pair that have a more blunt look to them are the rear arches. We suggest fitting the WP wheel arches in their unpainted state to start with in order that any mistakes in fitting can be rectified before they are painted. Cut the rubber beading to suit each WP wheel arch and place this beading on the edge of the arch so that it is against the body of the Mini. Offer the WP rear arches up to the rear wing on the Mini and slide it upwards so the WP wheel arch fits tight against the underside of the wing lip. It will be necessary to file a small slot where the arch meets the sill seam and also a small slot at the rear of the arch in order that it fits over the wing lip. The WP arches are secured to the wing lip with either 4 pop rivets or 4 self tapping screws, having previously drilled the 4 holes at equal spacing around the arch. Be careful and take your time when drilling these holes, ensuring your drilled hole is in the middle of the wing lip for best results. The WP front arches fit in exactly the same way, but if the Mini is retaining its vertical body seam, it will be necessary to file a small slot in the arch to accommodate this and, as with the rear, a small slot will be needed to accommodate the sill seam and most probably a slot at the front of the arch to accommodate the wing lip where it turns under the front bumper. Having filed the slot/s in the arches and you are happy with the alignment, you can now paint your WP wheel arches to match the body colour of your Mini. Once painted, the WP wheel arches can be finally attached to the Mini as described above. Be careful not to push them too far onto the wing lip otherwise the end of the arch, which joins to the sill body seam, will turn outwards. Should you experience problems with the sill end turning outwards, it may be necessary to pack the wheel arch out where is joins the wing lip. If there are any slight gaps between the WP wheel arch and the Mini body, these can be taken out by adjusting the position of the rubber beading. For the final touch, superglue the wheel arch rubber in place, being careful not to spill any of the superglue on the body work or painted arch. If you experience any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact Wood & Pickett on 01372 388248 or via our email wpaccessories@aol.com. Please note: If wider wheels, and/or tyres are being fitted to the Mini it will be necessary to modify the front edge of the front wing by the bumper in order to maintain sufficient clearance between the tyre and the wing edge.

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